Thursday, April 30, 2009

Discovering Discover Chiropractic

This from Team Velo Girls member, Jill Eyres:

Dr. Kam Leung of Discover Chiropractic in San Francisco hosted Team Velo Girls last night for an educational and fun evening. Dr. Leung practices both chiropractic and Active Release Technique (ART), which targets the tissues of the body. Using these complementary techniques, he said that “as long as it’s not broken or bleeding,” there are things he can do to help. For example, he estimated that 85% of headaches originate in the neck, which can be addressed through adjustment and ART. Even pregnant women can benefit – he said that breech births can be caused by misalignment of the pelvis that prevents babies from turning properly in utero.

Dr. Leung demonstrated ART on our teammate, Yari, who has had pain in various places along the right side of her body, including her knee and her back. He talked about the interconnections of the body, and how a problem with one part can cause problems in the connected parts as well. He started by working on her right ankle and calf, then moved up through the IT band and some other muscles and tendons that I’ve never heard of and/or have forgotten the names of (I think psoas was in there somewhere). For each area, the technique involved Dr. Leung applying pressure dynamically along the length of the muscles/tendons while moving them through their full range of motion. After Yari, Vanessa mentioned that she has had some problems with her hands associated with bike riding; Dr. Leung talked about how this was probably symptomatic of something going on higher up in the arm, in the forearm or just above the elbow.

One of the interesting things Dr. Leung talked about was how ART can be used to improve athletic performance by addressing adhesions and other conditions that prevent muscles from working to their full potential. He also talked about what athletes can do on our own to improve our health and performance. Stretching is important, particularly the day after a workout, in order to encourage muscles to recover and strengthen in a long position rather than in contraction. Dr. Leung demonstrated stretches for calves, quads, and hamstrings. Of course warming up properly before a workout is also important.

Thanks to Discover Chiropractic for a great evening and for supporting Team Velo Girls!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't Miss Bike Talk: 4-1-1 Women on Bikes

SATURDAY, 4/11 FROM 10AM-12N -- Streaming LIVE on the internet!
Bike Talk: Women on Bikes is the first ever live internet radio show in Los Angeles geared toward women. This week’s two hour show will cover the 4-1-1 on what is out there for women including how to get started riding, favorite bikes, shops, gear and fashionable and comfortable apparel. Learn about some fun rides and events and cycling clubs you can become a part of.
Featured Call in Guests:

Liz and Shay of (Cyclists Inciting Change thru Live Exchange) a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, works to promote the bicycle as a viable, healthy, and sustainable transportation choice.

Nicodemus of Jamis Bicycles… a women-owned bike company reaching out especially to women by providing a wide range of fun and fast bikes!

Crystal Brown is co-founder of
Rock N Road Cyclery’s Divas which supports for women cyclists including Diva Night socials and clinics and demo days. And stock bikes and gear especially for women at their four shops in Orange County.

Lorri Lee Lown - Founder of Velo Girls... the USA Cycling 2008 Women's Club of the Year. A cycling club for women and girls to share their love for cycling in a safe, friendly, encouraging environment. The club focuses on fun, recreational riding, with the opportunity to attend cycling skills and general fitness clinics to improve riding and overall fitness.

Susan Otcenas - Founder of a nationwide cycling and active apparel web resource committed to the comfort and confidence of women with the ultimate goal to see more women on bikes!

Saturday’s in studio panel will share their views and favorites:

JJ Hoffman works in Hollywood as a manager for writers and directors for film and television, and a lifetime bike commuter, and also an avid supporter of the LA County Bicycle Coalition’s LA River Ride.

Lupe Vela, Garvanza resident, single, walker/bicyclist, currently carfree, Policy Director for the LA River Ad Hoc River Committee - City of Los Angeles

Norma Garcia, Wild Women on Wheels: Local women’s group that likes riding and hanging out.- unofficial, fun, and eclectic.

Donna Cassyd - 65 and alive! Love to ride her bike!

Brett started Bikefit a service and web resource especially for the petite woman realizing the need to support women outside of the stock sizing most bike companies provide. Brett will help us understand the difference between bike size and bike fit.

Kris Quick – recently discovered cycling and now her passion to inspire others to ride as director of the MS So Cal Ride from Ventura to Sant a Barbara

Dot Wong – Moderator and Founder of Team CICLE... bringing community to all types of cyclists and supporter of CICLE with focus on supporting women new to riding.

The show is webcast live from Los Angeles from 10a-12n. More info can be found at:
Let us know what you think! Call in during the show at (213) 252-0998


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