Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Benefits of a Bicycle

I bet you could add an item or two to this list, now can't you?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

a mole, a possum, and.......

you tell me. actually there are two of them. can you find them?

I love this warm weather. one of the things I miss most about NY summers is the warm evenings. I miss sleeping with the windows open. so since tonight was a warm one, I opened up the windows and doors.

I have a fabulous patio that runs the entire length of my condo. I have dozens of plants -- flowers, herbs, trees, vines, veggies, good stuff. and I have a little fountain outside my bedroom window that drowns out the city/highway/airport noises (or so I fool myself).

as I was sitting in bed tonight, half watching a movie, half working on the laptop, I heard a rustling outside my window and the fountain was making a strange noise. I muted the DVD but couldn't tell what it was. so I turned on the light, went out onto the patio and what did I see?

of course, Julie, the vicious guard dog, didn't hear or smell a thing at the time, but now she's out there rustling in the plants trying to find our visitors. I think they were fishing for salmon in the fountain. I'm certain they're long gone.


I've thought about running a marathon since 2001. That was the year I registered to run the Honolulu marathon with the Arthritis Foundation's Joints in Motion program in honor of my deceased father (who suffered from RA). Life got in the way that year. I ended up back in school and transitioning to a new career as a cycling coach.

Well, I just pushed the button.

Transaction completed.

"Lorri Lee Lown is registered for the Honolulu Marathon."


I needed a big goal -- something I can't just show up and do -- something I need to dedicate a good chunk of my time to achieve -- something I'm not sure I can complete. I guess this would qualify.

Anyone want to run with me?