Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've thought about running a marathon since 2001. That was the year I registered to run the Honolulu marathon with the Arthritis Foundation's Joints in Motion program in honor of my deceased father (who suffered from RA). Life got in the way that year. I ended up back in school and transitioning to a new career as a cycling coach.

Well, I just pushed the button.

Transaction completed.

"Lorri Lee Lown is registered for the Honolulu Marathon."


I needed a big goal -- something I can't just show up and do -- something I need to dedicate a good chunk of my time to achieve -- something I'm not sure I can complete. I guess this would qualify.

Anyone want to run with me?


Ippoc Amic said...

lauren said...

no, i don't want to run it.

but have fun with it.

maybe i'll come watch or lay on the beach and pretend to be thinking of you while you run it.

Amy said...

You can totally do it. It all hurts the same after like 10 miles. If you make a point to steal candy and pretzels from spectators it's more fun.

Emily said...

Good for you! That's so cool. You're going to do great Lorri!!

Audra Marie said...

I'm planning on the SF marathon myself...I swear it took me a good six months of work up to 12 miles, since I kept hurting my knee. I finally saw a physical therapist who told me how to fix all the weird muscle impbalances I had from (of all things) bike racing. Good luck with this!!! Oh yeah, Cecillia Su (do you remember her?)is running marathons nowadays as well.

funkdaddy said...

what, no cyclocross nationals? do they at least have some barriers?

tssk tssk...

good luck!

BlastRadius said...

Congrats on doing your first marathon. I'm doing my second SF marathon on Aug 3. It's fun and rewarding but the training really cuts into cycling time. :(

I do the Furman Institute FIRST training program. I run Tues and Thu at the gym and Sunday at the Sawyer Camp Trail. Let me know if you want a running partner.

Henry (blastradius on bikeforums)