Saturday, March 1, 2008

that's going to leave a mark

the first mountain bike race of the season is in the books and it wasn't pretty. actually it's the third race in the Central Coast series, but I missed races one and two due to illness (flu and strep throat), so today marked my CCCX debut.

I upgraded to sport this season, after racing beginner for two seasons. those sport girls are fast and they have mad dirt skills (something this roadie can only aspire to). that extra lap was pretty brutal for early-season, but I survived to finish 3rd in my age group and got a pretty medal to add to my collection.

I did some things really well: rode all the sand without touching my brakes (I can be a chicken), my nutrition and hydration were good, my pacing was good, and I smiled when I saw photographers (silly goal, but I'm trying to look happy).

I definitely had a few rookie mistakes: I've only had two rides on my new shifting system and I mis-shifted at the beginning and spun out at about 140rpms as the fast girls left me in their dust -- oops!

and there are lots of lessons learned and things I can improve, but I won't bore the world with them now.

I love mountain bike racing - the atmosphere is so inviting, especially for newbies. as a roadie, I remember saying I would never ride a mountain bike. when I stared riding a mountain bike, I swore it was only to improve my skills for cyclocross. and now, it's one of my favorite things to do. if you haven't tried it, I hope you'll consider getting a little dirty sometime. and if you'd like to race, let me know and I'll help you get started.

btw, our Monday night mountain bike rides begin on March 10th @ Arastradero in Palo Alto. details on the calendar.


Nome Agusta said...

How did you like the slalom berms?

Kieth did a great job on the course.

velogirl said...

the berms were great, once I got my groove on.

you looked awesome out there, Ron!!!

Nome Agusta said...

It's all about the looks :-)

I just noticed the BHRR decided to run on your date.

I am up for the TTT if you keep it.

velogirl said...

BHRR -- argh!

yes, we're still on. we've got one course in monterey that I reconned today and one up near zamora that I'm reconning tomorrow. I'll make a decision on which one and hopefully get the permits and we're good to go.

and your support would be much appreciated.

lauren said...

smiling always seems to help.

good job SPORT!

T. Marie said...

nice job, Lori!

It was good to see you out there. Keep it up!

Chris said...

Good finish. I like the handlebar streamers.r

velogirl said...

Lauren, I learned about smiling from you. Thanks!

Tracie, you are awesome! My goal for the season is to make it onto the single track with you.....

Chris, streamers make me go faster. Seriously!

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Sometimes smiling makes all the difference. Especially if somebody gets a photo of said smile :).

Nice job!

chatterbox said...

Great report. It was good to see you get out there with the sporty sport girls. Thanks for coming early to cheer for me!

Emily said...

You look happy and it sounds as if you're having a ton of fun, which is what it's all about.

I'll have to come cheer you on sometime.

marscat said...

that's a nice photo

Groove Talking... said...

Hi velogirl,

I am up to nothing this spring. I hope to start riding again soon. I had a kidney infection for a few weeks in the last part of January through the first part of February so I couldn't ride, then I had the flu from the last part of February through the first part of March.

I finally feel good and hope to get back to my riding.