Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Register Now for GIRLS GOT SKILLS!

Seven years and counting, women from across the US (and Canada) have participated in our corner-stone two-day women's cycling clinic -- Girls Got Skills. This weekend clinic is total cycling immersion for women of all levels, and participants walk away with a renewed love for the bike! Just think, 16 hours of you, your bike, like-minded women, and expert coaches! It just doesn't get any better than that.

During the weekend we focus on fundamental bike handling skills. Paradigms will shift as we teach you how to REALLY ride your bike, understanding the physics behind balance, weight distribution, and gyroscopic force. Don't worry, this isn't high school physics -- we teach you in a safe, comfortable setting that includes lecture, demonstration, and lots and lots of hands-on practice under the watchful eyes of our coaches and mentors. Besides the fundamentals, we'll teach you how to corner at high speed like a pro, climb like a butterfly, and descend like a freight train. We'll also teach you ever-important group riding skills, like how to draft a wheel and paceline with one individual and a large group. And if that isn't enough, we throw in bonus material on nutrition and training with heart rate. We even help you establish HR training zones by performing a short HR test.

This is one of our most popular clinics and it always sells out. There are a few spots left, so I would encourage you to register today:


September 26th + 27th, 2009. Mark those dates now as the beginning of the rest of your cycling career. This weekend is definitely life-changing.

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