Thursday, July 8, 2010

Carolyn's CCCX Season Wrap-up

Hello Velo Girls,

The last race of the CCCX XC series was June 27th and the pressure was on - I had to take first place in the final race of the series to place first in the overall points for my category. My opponent had been injured and not feeling well and I have been feeling strong so I though my chances were was not going to be easy but I at least had a shot at winning.

Well - it just wasn't my day! No excuses - I just didn't have it in the legs to put out a hard effort for 4 laps around the thrilling sandy Fort Ord course. I held a close gap for the first and second laps and made up some time on the third lap but for the 4th and final lap my tank was empty and my legs were screaming for relief!

I had amazing friends and Velo Girls teammates there cheering (who put on a strong showing in the beginners race I might add!) but I didn't have any top-end speed or uphill power and just couldn't keep up.

This time around, in my second year of racing CCCX I learned the following:

1) Don't let the lead pack get out of your sights - it is easier to chase someone down when you can see them!

2) Keep pedaling no matter what (Thanks Lorri for this one!)

3) Always push a bigger gear (Thanks Aaron for this one!)

4) Hard training up to Sea Otter and less-than-organized training after Sea Otter does not a CCCX champion make - darn it!

5) Don't underestimate the importance of keeping a clean and well lubed bike

6) It's not a matter of if you will get Poison Oak at Fort Ord - it is only a matter of when!

I am pleased with my progress overall and making the jump from beginner to sport this year was one I made with some big-time fears. I'm pleased with my performance overall in the series and will be back next year chasing the elusive winners jersey. I am also proud to report that my husband Aaron took second overall in the beginning mens division in his first year of mountain bike racing!

I am transitioning my training now for a 100 mile mountain bike race in Lake Tahoe this September - no race reports from me for a while but I look forward to reading more road race reports from you skinny-tire crew soon!

Your itchy teammate (thanks to the poison oak!),


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ben said...

I know it's been 8 days since the post but you may still be quite itchy. My favorite PO solution is to run the "affected area" under the hottest water you can stand. The sensation is nothing short of orgasmic, and all the histamines are released for at least 7 hours. Yee haw, no itching! The blisters will swell and weep at first, but trust me, this is way to go. Hope it helps! Ben Logan, Los Gatos.