Tuesday, November 30, 2010

turning wheels for kids 2010

were you one of those lucky kids who had a bicycle? wait! don't all children have bicycles? nope, and that's a down-right shame. Susan Runsvold thought so, too, so in 2003 she began planning what she hoped would be a project with her own friends -- collecting donations to purchase a few bikes to give to children who might not otherwise have one. in 2005, Turning Wheels for Kids was born.

Turning Wheels for Kids has grown to become a fabulous holiday tradition. with the support of the silicon valley community (individuals and businesses), each year the organization is able to purchase 2,000+ children's bikes. and then 700+ community volunteers (including Velo Girls) come together on one day in December to assemble these bikes. it's a festive, fun-filled day and the end result is that 2,000+ children from all over silicon valley will receive the holiday gift of a bicycle.

join us on Saturday, December 11th, for the annual Turning Wheels for Kids Big Bike Build. Velo Girls will once again have a co-ed team of volunteers for the event and we'd love to have you join us. the Bike Build is held in San Jose from 8:00am until all the bikes are built (usually around noon). you don't need to be a bicycle mechanic to participate and we welcome men + women (and mature youth, too). it's a great holiday tradition.

if you'd like to join the Velo Girls team, just email Lorri@velogirls.com


Katie said...

maybe next year, Earth Studio can donate some Bicycle Ornaments to go along with the bikes. Let's talk! - Kate

velogirl said...

that's a great idea, Katie! it's actually not too late for 2010. one of the major fundraising components of the event is a raffle/drawing on the day of the bike build. Velo Girls donates gift certificates for bike fit + clinics for the raffles. there are lots of cool prizes and all the volunteers (700+) purchase tickets.

Katie said...

Sweet! We'll get out a few bike art pieces for the raffle, and the items for your Facebook fans. K!