Friday, July 6, 2012

dirt don't hurt

Hey everybody!  We've got a couple of upcoming co-ed clinics that might interest you cyclocross folks:

Saturday, August 11th -- Bike Skills 102 (fundamental mountain bike skills) -- coached by Ron Castia of Wenzel Coaching.  If you're like me (a roadie who decided to race cx but had never, ever ridden on the dirt), then you NEED this clinic.  Just because a cross bike looks kinda like a road bike doesn't mean that you'll be magically transformed into an all-terrain rider.  Bike Skills 102 covers the fundamentals of balance, weight distribution, traction and will really help you understand how to ride on mixed terrain.  It's truly good stuff and will help you take your cx riding in a new direction (like not flat on your face as soon as you hit a sandy section).

Sunday, August 12th -- Bike Skills 103 (cyclocross skills + tactics) -- coached by Barb "Barbarella" Howe (former US National Champion and US world team member) and Matt McNamara (of Sterling Sports fame).  This is the ultimate CX clinic and covers all your fundamental CX skills (mount, dismount, carry, flying through the air, beer hand-ups) as well as race prep, training, and tactics.  We finish the clinic with a simulated race so you can put all your new-found (or newly refined) skills to practice.  

Registration for both clinics (as well as all our roadie-scum clinics) can be found here:

There is limited space in both clinics.  Yeah, these aren't the kind of clinics where we pack 100 riders in and then don't give you any individualized attention.  These are SPECIAL (really, because you're all special, too).  So register early or wait until next year.  Oh, and if you register more than 14 days in advance (that's 2 weeks for those of you who can't count higher than your fingers) you save $20 on the registration fee.  


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