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Announcing our 2013 Savvy Bike Camps + Clinics

No one can help you ride or race your bike better than the coaches of Savvy Bike.  Since 2002, we’ve helped 1,000s of women and men achieve their goals of being smarter, safer, more skilled, and more confident on the bike.  We’ve created a learning atmosphere where you’ll feel comfortable and safe, and yet challenged to try something new.

Everyone can benefit from our skills clinics, whether you’ve been riding six months or two decades!  We take the hit or miss out of the learning process to help you flatten the learning curve.  It doesn’t need to be difficult or painful to learn to ride or race a bike. We’ll help you ride “with” your bike instead of “on” your bike.  And we’ll help you have fun!

By popular demand, we introduced our Bike Skills modules in 2008.  We took our most popular two-day bike skills clinics and broke them down into 4-hour modules so you can focus on those skills that are most important to you. Some of these clinics are for women or men only; some are co-ed. 

We highly recommend you participate in Bike Skills 101 (or an equivalent clinic) prior to registering for our more advanced road clinics.

Bike Skills 101, 201, 301, 302, and the Tri-Flow Development Racing Program are eligible for USA Cycling (USAC) upgrade points for categories 3, 4, and 5 racers.

Registration is open for all our January - June programs at

The Tri-Flow Development Racing Program

Introduced in 2006, this award-winning program is designed to help you bridge the gap from club rider to team racer. In a six-week series of workshops, clinics, and rides, we'll teach you everything you need to know to begin road racing and then support you at your first race. This program is limited to eight riders each session. A solid level of cycling fitness is required. Program fee includes custom team jersey, USA Cycling License, race registration fee, twice-weekly team training, and a group training program. Contact to schedule an assessment.

Team #1 – Bariani Road Race (Feb 3rd  – Mar 17th, 2012)

Team #2 – San Ardo Road Race (Jul 6th – Aug 17th, 2012)

Cinderella Kick-Start Clinic – Jan 19th

Are you planning to ride the Cinderella Classic on April 6th, 2013?  If so, this is the PERFECT clinic for you.  We combine the best skills from our Bike Skills modules, along with important information about nutrition and bike maintenance, to start you off in the right direction for a successful event.  Then, join us for our progressive training ride series that begins the following week and you'll be crossing the finish line in style!  Meet other women who will be riding Cinderella and have a GREAT day of bike-love learning.

Carmel Valley Women’s Cycling Escape Weekend – Mar 22nd – 24th, Oct 11th – 13th

Join us for an action-packed weekend in beautiful Carmel Valley.  We'll be based at the historic Los Laureles Lodge, featuring adorable rooms and mouth-watering meals.   We've got plenty of options for both road cycling and mountain biking.  In addition to supported rides + educational seminars, we'll fill your girls' weekend with yoga, spa time, and wine tasting.  Escape with your bike to amazing Carmel Valley!

Alpine Altitude Adventure (aka Death Ride Training Camp) – Jun 22nd – 24th, 2012

Join us for a fun, co-ed training weekend in Markleeville, CA, home of the Death Ride.    This 4th annual co-ed weekend camp is designed to help prepare participants for the rigors of endurance riding at high altitude.  Based in Markleeville, CA, this camp is appropriate for Death Ride participants and others who wish to gain high altitude experience.  Daily mileage options range from 25 - 75 miles.  Registration fee includes camping (Friday + Saturday), a Friday skills clinic, SAG on rides, cycling nutrition, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Sunday breakfast, and lots of fun with cool folks. 

Bike Skills 101 – Fundamental Bike Handling Skills – sponsored by – Feb 3rd, Mar 16th, Apr 28th, Jun 8th, Jul 21st, Aug 31st, Sep 29th, Nov 2nd

This 4-hour co-ed clinic is the foundation of everything else you’ll learn on the bike.  This is the clinic where we teach the old dogs new tricks and the newbies the fundamentals.  You’ll learn about balance and weight distribution and how that affects your ability to ride your bike safely and confidently.  We’ll learn skills like riding with no hands, emergency stops, and how to look behind you while holding your line, how to steer, and counter-steer.  After just four hours, we guarantee you’ll be a better bike handler and have much more fun on the bike.   This clinic is a pre-requisite for all other Bike Skills road cycling clinics.

Bike Skills 102 – Fundamental Mountain Bike Skills – Apr 7th, Jul 14th, Oct 13th

It's time for a little dirty fun!  We'll teach you the basics (and not-so-basics) of balance, weight distribution, and how to use the terrain to your advantage. Learn to rock, roll, hop, and jump. Master the art of steep climbs.  Learn to descend with confidence and skill.  After just four hours, we guarantee you’ll be a better bike handler and have much more fun on the bike.

Bike Skills 103 – Fundamental Cyclocross Skills + Tactics – Aug 24th

Have you been wondering what's all the buzz about cyclocross?  It's a fun but challenging sport that's beginner-friendly and appropriate for the entire family.  And best of all, it's happening at a park near you!  In this four-hour clinic, you'll learn all the skills needed to get started in this incredible sport, including mounts, dismounts, and how to shoulder and carry your bike.  We'll also share information about bikes & equipment, the local cyclocross racing scene, and how to train for a successful season.  We’ll finish off the day with a simulated race and de-brief.  You'll need a mountain bike or a cyclocross bike for this clinic.

Bike Skills 201 – Climbing + Descending Skills sponsored by Jan Medina Real Estate – Feb 3rd, Mar 16th, Apr 28th, Jun 8th, Jul 21st, Aug 31st, Sep 29th, Nov 2nd

Bike Skills 201 is a continuation of what you’ve learned in Bike Skills 101.  What goes up must come down, right?  In this 4-hour co-ed clinic, we’ll teach you how to climb like a pro – seated climbs, standing climbs, short climbs, steep climbs, extended climbs.  And then, we’ll teach you how to come back down again, focusing on a fast straight descent, and then a technical switchbacky descent.  Pre-requisite: Bike Skills 101 or equivalent experience.

Bike Skills 301 – Pacelines + Group Riding Skills – Mar 3rd, May 5th, Aug 4th, Nov 3rd

Wheelsucking is an art!  Whether you’re a racer or a recreational rider, group riding skills will help you ride longer, faster, and farther.  We’ll learn draft theory and basic pacelines, beginning with partner work and progressing to more complex group riding skills and introductory racing techniques.  Pre-requisite:  Bike Skills 101 or equivalent experience.

Bike Skills 302 – Racing Skills + Tactics – May 11th

This six-hour clinic will teach you all the individual bike-handling and group riding skills you'll need to race your first (or your 10th) criterium or road race. In addition to skills & drills, you'll receive expert coaching on race preparation and logistics, and an introduction to tactics. We'll finish the day with a training race followed by a de-brief.  Pre-requisite:  Bike Skills 101 or equivalent experience.

Bike Skills 303 – Advanced Racing Skills + Tactics – TBA

Take your racing to the next level! In this 4-hour clinic, you'll learn to "make the race" by incorporating individual and team tactics -- and we'll teach you the skills to do that! Bring your teammates for maximum learning.  Pre-requisite: Bike Skills 302 or equivalent racing experience.  Pre-requisite:  Bike Skills 302 or equivalent experience.

Bike Touring 101 – May 25th – 26th, Oct 26th – 27th

Have you thought about touring on your bike but don’t know where to begin?  We’ll unravel the mysteries of supported, fully-loaded, and semi-loaded touring for you.  This clinic includes a two-hour seminar on the topics of equipment, bicycle choice, what to bring, how to pack, camping, cooking, safety, and choosing your route.  Then, we head out for a weekend of semi-loaded touring with a 50-mile hilly option or a 25-mile rolling option, both ending at Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel in Pescadero, where we’ll have dinner, spend the evening, soak in the hot tub, and sleep.  The next day, we pack up and return to the start.  This is a fully-supported event and includes ride nutrition, dinner (Saturday) and breakfast (Sunday), SAG, and your accommodations at the hostel.

Registration is open for all our January - June programs at

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