Tuesday, April 22, 2008

would you like a little solitude with that workout?

I love technology, but when I'm riding, I want to get away from it all -- the cell phone, the iPod, the email, the interruptions. you see, one of the reasons I love the bike is to escape from all the daily inputs I have at work -- all that noise makes my head spin.

I'm also not a HUGE fan of the gym. I like training. I run on the treadmill (with my iPod). I lift weights. But I don't like the sounds, the smells, the germs of the gym. I stopped working as a personal trainer many years ago because of my dislike of the gym environment.

years ago a friend had sent me some information about Tina Vindum. Tina is a pretty cool chick and her company -- Outdoor Action Fitness -- is one of the first outdoor fitness programs in the world. but her program isn't any run-of-the-mill boot camp with 100 participants. instead, the focus is on high-level small-group fitness and integration with the environment. she doesn't yell commands like a drill sergeant. her programs are filled with natural sensory inputs (smells, sounds, sights, textures) and meditation. but she's a darn good trainer too, so she can kick your butt while you enjoy the view.

in my quest for something new this year, I've got plans to start an outdoor group conditioning class for cyclists. so this weekend I participated in Tina's OAF Instructor Training Certification -- two days of inspiration and butt-kicking education. our intimate class of 8 participants included folks from all over the country (I was the only local). and in addition to learning some new models for fitness training, I met some very interesting women.

so, stay tuned. we've got some cool new programs on tap for late summer and fall!



Nome Agusta said...

Sign me and Theresa up.

I also don't really like riding with the Ipod.
I would rather be into my body and my breathing. Riding with music turns off the sensory input, shuts off the mind rather than expands it.

See Ekhart Tolle http://www.eckharttolle.com/

chatterbox said...

sweet! Can we get this in time for fall base training????

velogirl said...

still in the planning stages, but the target is an August roll-out. should be fabulous!!!