Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Get Down + Dirty on June 28th!

Calling all dirty girls! Team Velo Girls would like to encourage you to try mountain bike racing. There's a great race on Sunday, June 28th in Monterey -- CCCX -- and we would love to bring a great group of women to race (and support you in your first race).

Mountain bike racing is fun and casual and you can drink a beer when you're done. If you fall down, you laugh it off and get back up and keep racing. And you can wear a sleeveless jersey (something you can't do in road racing).

Of course, if you want to be competitive, you can do that too! Heck, Team Velo Girls member, Thea Stein, won Sea Otter this year!

If you think this sounds like fun, we'll have a little get-together on Tuesday, June 23rd to chat about the race and organize carpools. Or, just come out to our Thursday night Dirty Velo Girls ride @ Arastradero OSP and plan to join us at the Alpine Inn afterwards.

RSVP to Lorri@velogirls.com

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Dan Bennett said...

Velo Girls are doing a great job to make the "Cycle" sport more popular -- Their mountain racing were amazing. I am looking forward to the 28 th june race.

Good Job Girls.

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