Tuesday, August 25, 2009

iPhone app preview -- mybikeinfo

mybikeinfo iPhone app

I can't wait to delve into this one. I've hesitated to pay too much attention to most "bicycle" apps for the iPhone because they seem to have limited value, but this one looks very interesting (and worth the $1.99 to download).

As a bike fit professional, I know the importance of keeping records of all my bikes. When travelling, you want to make sure you can set up your bike just the way you have it while you're home. If renting or borrowing a bike, you want to try to match your current geometry and fit as closely as possible. This info is super-handy if you're planning to purchase a new bike, too! In the past, that probably meant carrying around a little piece of paper with your measurements on it.

This app allows you to enter all that important information right on your iPhone. At first glance, it's super thorough -- probably more thorough than the average cyclist needs (or can figure out for herself). But as a bike fitter, I'm drooling at the possibilities of how I can incorporate this app in my practice. You can even add really important information like serial numbers and purchasing information -- all necessary if your bike finds its way into the hands of someone else (like a bike thief). There's even a section for you to keep maintenance records so you know when to replace your chain! And (with a little help from a friend) you can record your vital body measurements.

As a bonus, the developers have added an RSS news feed with some of the bigger cycling new sites (and you can add your favorites to customize the feed).

The proceeds from this app benefit the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project.


andi-kam said...

I have not heard of this app before so thanks for bringing to my attention. I recently put together a big list of these: http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/cycling-accessories/bike-apps-for-the-iphone/ if your looking to try out some more

Robert Hess said...

Thanks for the nice review. We worked very hard to make it really useful. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions at MyBikeInfo.com. We just finished our annual prostate cancer awareness Tour de Skyline Drive in Virginia. He's a link to the local TV report: http://www.tv3winchester.com/home/headlines/54343952.html#

Best regards, Robert

Robert Hess said...

Thank you for the nice review. We worked really hard to make the app worthwhile. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions at MyBikeInfo.com. We just completed our annual prostate cancer awareness Tour de Skyline Drive in Virginia. http://www.tv3winchester.com/home/headlines/54343952.html#

Best regards, Robert