Monday, August 31, 2009

Midweek Madness Moving to a New Time!

Ah, fall! As days get shorter and shorter, we cling to every last opportunity to eek out a few last miles on the road. With shorter days and earlier sunsets, we're changing the time of one of our most popular rides -- Midweek Madness -- so we can still get out there together.

Starting Wednesday, September 2nd, Midweek Madness is moving to 6:00pm.

Midweek Madness, started in 2002, is the longest-running women's-only fast-paced group ride in Northern California. It's fast. It's furious. It's fun! Led by members of Team Velo Girls, the ride focuses on group riding skills and provides a high-intensity work-out. Racers and fast recreational riders all participate side-by-side.

Join Team Velo Girls on this fast-paced ride, focusing on group riding, pacelines, high intensity training and fun! Meet at Woodside Town Hall (at the intersection of Woodside Road and Whiskey Hill Road) in Woodside, ready to ride at 6:00pm. 20 miles, fast pace, this is not a no-drop ride. Email for more information.

You'll find this and all our rides + events on the calendar.


-p said...

It was fun seeing you guys do laps around my Redwood City office park when I went jogging after work. I'm assuming that was the old midweek madness.

velogirl said...

Actually, our RWC training was part of our Tri-Flow Women's Development Racing Program training. Many of those women also participate in Midweek Madness.

Thanks for the note of appreciation!