Thursday, December 3, 2009

celebrating five years of unsung heroines!

One of our longest-running rides is the Melo Velo! This ride started as an extension of our regular weekly club ride and offered a shorter option for newer riders. Over the years it's been an introduction to Velo Girls and to road cycling for literally hundreds of women.

We all know how intimidating it can feel to start riding on the road by ourselves. So we developed the Melo Velo to introduce women to road riding and teach them the basic skills needed to ride on the road -- simple things like riding with a group, road ride etiquette, rules of the road, and basic skills like how to start, stop, signal, and drink from a water bottle.

Over the years, we've had an impressive group of women joining us on the Melo Velo. Women who participated in the Melo Velo have gone on to complete centuries, double centuries, multi-day events, and to race.

In order to keep a ride like this going every single week for so many years, we've had a dedicated group of experienced riders who volunteer their time to lead the ride. These women share their experience, mentor the new riders, and encourage the women to get out there on their bikes.

I'd like to take a minute to thank and congratulate the women who have volunteered to lead the Melo Velo this year. These women have made it possible for countless new women riders to start riding and to grow on the bike. Thank you to Oralia Arce, Jill Eyres, Winnie Homer-Smith, Jackie Link, Sharon Mandell, and Gayle Whittaker.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the work of one woman -- Michelle Goldberg. Michelle has been coordinating the ride leaders for the Melo Velo for many years, many times leading the ride herself. Thank you, Michelle, for your dedication to developing new women riders!


Beginning this week, the Melo Velo is changing time and meeting location! You'll find details for this and all our rides + events on the Velo Girls calendar.

Melo Velo Beginner's Road Ride

This is a ride for beginners. All riders are welcome for socializing and support, but this is an easy, beginner, getting-used-to-road-biking ride. You'll learn shifting, group riding (don't worry, we stay way behind each other) and how to drink from your water bottle while riding, in a very non-competitive environment. Meet at Woodside Town Hall in Woodside. We'll ride north on Canada Road and return -- 15 miles, mostly flat with little rollers. The first Saturday of the month will include a slightly longer option to test your legs. RSVP to Michelle at

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Patty said...

Michelle is the best! My real interest in cycling is really due to Michelle and Sharon.