Monday, April 1, 2013

Just Added: Segway Skills 401 (pacelines and group riding)

Always on the cutting edge of rider skills instruction, Savvy Bike is thrilled to introduce a new clinic for 2013:  Segway Skills 401 (pacelines and group riding).  As much as we'd like to see everyone ride a bicycle, we know that there are those who just can't cut it, so rather than trying to beat them, we're joining them.  Heck, at least they're out + about and NOT in a car, right?

This clinic focuses on group dynamics, communication, and safety.  We'll cover paceline theory, how to read the wind, and (most importantly) how to time your snot rockets so you only hit the riders you don't like.  We'll teach you how ride a wheel, paceline, and echelon.  Unfortunately, we can't teach you hand signals because we understand your lack of coordination and know that if you take your hand off the bar you'll probably eat it.  But heck, hand signals are for weenies anyways, right?

You'll find details on Segway Skills 401 and all our 2013 camps and clinics at

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