Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Candidate Statement -- 2010 NCNCA President

I’m honored to be running for President of the NCNCA for 2010. My three years' experience on the BOD as Treasurer, as well as my management background, experience in not-for-profit, and my involvement with other Boards, are a solid fit for the position.

Since the NCNCA is a working Board, I think it's important for the next president to have previous hands-on management experience with the BOD.

In my tenure as Treasurer, I've made positive and valuable contributions to the NCNCA. I made it a priority to implement financial controls to strengthen the organization. During my tenure, we’ve had a budget surplus each year and been able to invest $85,000 during my first two terms into a reserve fund to be used for special projects such as equipment purchase and a new electronic timing system. I’ve formalized the financial reporting system and have provided the BOD with timely and thorough financial reports each month. In addition to my duties as Treasurer, I’ve been an active board member and instrumental in decision-making throughout my terms. I’m currently coordinating the Electronic Timing System Work Group and was instrumental in formalizing the election process for the 2010 NCNCA Officer Elections (no more drawing straws around the BOD table). I have actively solicited quality candidates for all positions who I feel will make a great impact on the management of the NCNCA in future years.

To many, I might seem focused on women's issues. However, I’m very unbiased about all areas of racing -- as a race promoter (Menlo Park Grand Prix), racer (road, cyclocross, mountain), coach, official, general busy-body, and as someone actively involved in the non-racing bike community as well. I have a positive relationship with USAC and have been involved with a number of USAC and other national task forces and committees.

I’ve worked in the cycling industry since 2001, as an independent coach, business owner, bike shop employee, and as a contract instructor for fitness facilities and corporate wellness programs. I’m well-connected in the cycling industry on a local, national, and international level. In my own business, I’ve developed programs that have been recognized as the gold standard in the cycling industry.

I received a BFA in Theatre Arts Management from Ithaca College, and spent the first 13 years of my career managing not-for-profit theatres. My focus was business management (accounting, finance, HR, risk management, and employee benefits). As an employee in not-for-profit, however, I was able to gain management experience in other areas as well, such as marketing, development, and operations.

I hold an MBA in Organizational Management/Gender Relations from Syracuse University. After my theatre career, I spent the next three years in management at a software start-up and at Charles Schwab, where I managed technology projects.

I received a CA Certificate in Personal Fitness Training from Foothill College (a 30-credit certificate program) and have participated in countless hours of continuing education from USAC, USAT, and other educational organizations.

My goal as President is to be an empowering leader and to enable the BOD to best serve the membership of the NCNCA. I plan to utilize technology to improve communication and continue to develop programs that will benefit membership.

Lorri Lee Lown
founder + coach, Velo Girls
USAC Club of the Year: 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008

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