Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Victory for Masters Women!

We voted on a proposal tonight to re-instate the masters women to the NCNCA BAR/BAT for 2010. Thank you to all the women who sent feedback and responded to our survey. 76 women responded to the survey -- 17% of all masters women. that's a great response in the survey world.

We voted to include W1/2/3 35+ in the 2010 BAR/BAT. We'll start chatting with promoters soon to ask them to include this field in their 2010 races.

We're still thinking about the W4 Masters. The overwhelming response from our survey was to include a W4 40+ category for 2010 (which could easily be combined with an existing W4 field in a criterium or added to a race-day for a road race). The numbers of CAT4 women support this so I'm sure we'd have a great turn-out if promoters are willing to add this field. I'll run a follow-up poll to see what everyone thinks and/or feel free to post your feedback on the NCNCAracing.com forum.

Again, thanks to everyone for rallying for the masters women!

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