Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Voting for the Sweet Life!

Dolce Vita Cycling is pleased to endorse Lorri Lown and Michael Hernandez for NCNCA President and Vice-President.

Lorri is a true advocate of women's cycling and has been instrumental in introducing hundreds of women to the sport. We feel Lorri has consistently shown true leadership qualities and her ability to lead an organization through her continued success with Velo Girls, her varied and well attended skills clinics, and her continued efforts to continually improve herself and others through cycling.

Similarly, Michael has distinguished himself with his endless enthusiasm for all racers, regardless of skill level or category. We feel Michael's involvement announcing at races and in a leadership role at Hellyer illustrate his willingness to serve as a voice in spearheading racing and development opportunities for a broad range of cyclists, whether they be juniors, track riders, or pros.

Together Lorri and Michael speak to the same philosophies of development and camaraderie that our team aspires to, and we'd be honored to have their voices represent us.

Thank you, Dolce Vita Cycling, for your vote of confidence!

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