Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hellyer Hoedown Dance (er Race) Schedule

There's lots of fun on hand for Friday's Hellyer Hoedown at Hellyer Velodrome. Make sure to come early and socialize, listen to the great rocking country tunes, and have some beer and Armadillo Willy's BBQ. Gates open at 6:00 for all the fun.

Then, at 7:00pm all the racing action begins. This just in from Hernando, race director and head cowppoke:

if you're a category 3 or 4 racer, come and play with us. there will be races for you.

if you're a category 1/2/3 racer, come and play with us, there will be races for you.

if you're a woman racer, there will be Celebrity Death Match Chariot races like last week ... only more of them. It was too much fun not to do that again.

if you're a woman racer, there will be WOMEN ONLY KIEREN races all night long. fun, safe, crowd pleasing.

if you're a MATCH SPRINTER - the sprints are on, but back to the first night's format of 12 racers. If you'd like to sprint, please email me. Thus far on the lineup: Gio, Matias, Hatfield, Marzio, Hartner, Kieran, Nolan, and Millar. 4 open spots only.

The 40+ Scratch race will be the only masters event of the night. All 40+ riders are invited to race their category the rest of the evening.

There will be surprises.

And don't forget the Kiddie Kilo -- fun for the younguns, too! If your child wants to race, bring their bike and helmet (mandatory).

Thanks again to our friends at La Dolce Velo for sponsoring this event and helping Velo Girls provide you with fun, fun, fun!


twinkiepatissier said...

Um... I can't help it...

it's kEIrIn. It's often pronounced and spelled wrong, and it bugs me.

kei: compete
rin: wheels

velogirl said...

okay, I would apologize but Hernando wrote that. but I totally appreciate the Japanese lesson.

will you come tomorrow?

chatterbox said...

I saw twinkie sporting the TUA skin suit on Monday at the crit - tres cool!

We got a double batch of chocolate chip cookies coming - so perfect energy food for all the racers (or for those burning calories doing the Wave in the stands).

twinkiepatissier said...

oh man, if sir olaf wrote that, then, i think he did it on purpose...he had been warned by me once. i am going to give him a citation this time.

well, as you will find out, i am still at my work, no hoedown. maybe i will catch the live feed...