Friday, May 23, 2008

Photos from Hellyer Friday Night Live -- May 9th, 2008

I'm not the most sophisticated blogger or photographer or person for that matter, but I posted some interesting racer & people photos from the most recent Friday night races at Hellyer Velodrome on a Flickr account so folks can take what they'd like. And I guess I should apologize for the jumble of this blog post. Sheesh! Bad formatting -- sorry! Just look at the pretty pictures, okay?

You'll find the rest of them here: Lorri's Flickr photos from Hellyer May 9th

Friday night racing is a great party this year, thanks to the efforts of Michael Hernandez and Sabine Dukes! I'm heading out to spectate again tonight.

And next week, Velo Girls is sponsoring the races, with an emphasis on women's racing. Our theme is Hellyer Hoedown, so grab your cowboy hat and boots and come on out for a good ole time! We need lots of volunteers to help make the night a success, so if you're interested, ping me at

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Beth said...

looks like i need a ponytail holder!