Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks for a Sweet Ride!

La Dolce Velo. Have you heard of them? They're Rob and Jacquie Mardell -- longtime Team in Training supporters/coaches and Jacquie is a Velo Girl, too! In 2001, they started a little bike shop in their garage, primarily helping Team in Training friends.

As time passed, their business expanded and they followed their passion by opening their own shop -- LA DOLCE VELO.

In addition, they offer coaching and training and even organized triathlon training programs! Good stuff. And they're right in San Jose!

Well, La Dolce Velo stepped up to the plate to help Velo Girls promoter the Hellyer Hoedown on Friday -- yay!

Send 'em a big thank you when you've got a chance: Contact Rob Mardell or Jacquie Mardell

Better yet, stop by the shop and show them a little retail love!

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chatterbox said...

Yay! Dolce Velo rocks!