Friday, May 30, 2008

More details from Hernando on Hellyer Hoedown

Hi all.

Please spread the word that we're going to have live video/audio feed again of the Friday Night Racing - courtesy of your NCNCA President, Casey Kerrigan. It's viewable at:

And remember, this week is put on by Velo Girls and La Dolce Velo. Free food/drinks/mayhem. Infield is open, only through volunteer monitored gate. Have fun, be safe, love to see you there.

If you've any questions about the racing below, email me. If you've any questions on if you are 'qualified' to race, please email me. These races are so much fun! come out, you'll love it.

Schedule for 5/30: PLEASE NOTE - this is a lot of short, fast racing to toss in, so we'll be running it quickly and without stops. Be ready, because if you hold up the start ... there will be heckling. Organized crowd heckles are the (obvious) next evolution in the vibe of our AWESOME HELLYER STANDS! (and remember, heckling the announcer yields double points)

5'ishpm - track opens
7pm racing starts (reg open all night, but get in early if you can)
Cash Prizes, Peet's Coffee certificates, VOLER clothing!!! ... and maybe some special Velo Girls love, as well.
Kiddie Kilo riders all receive ... something fabulous.

1. Sprints - Round 1
2. 40+ Scratch Race, 25 laps
3. Women's Points Race, 30 laps @ every 5
4. Sprints - Round 2
5. Women's Kierin - Round 1 (OMNIUM!!! Points = placing in each round [1st = 1 pt, 2nd = 2pts, etc]. Rider who competes in all Kierens AND Chariots with lowest point total of night wins glory and riches.)
6. p1,2,3 Scratch Race, 30 laps
7. 3,4 Scratch Race, 25 laps
8. Women's Celebrity Death Match Chariot Race - Round 1
9. Kiddie Kilo
10. Sprints - Round 3
11. Women's Celebrity Death Match Chariot Race - Round 2
12. p1,2,3 SNOWBALL, 15 laps
13. 3,4 SNOWBALL, 12 laps
14. Women's Kierin - Round 2
15. Sprint Final
16. p1/2/3 Miss-n-Out
17. 3,4 Miss-n-Out
18. Women's Miss-n-Out

- - -

Thanks ya'll,
michael hernandez
friday night promoter/announcer/hooligan

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