Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Days of Biking Day #2

Back on the bike again for the same loop -- just building back some fitness after my break.  The wind was a bit milder and the temps a bit warmer.  I rode without arm warmers, knee warmers, shoe covers or wool socks.  I made a small modification to my bike fit in an attempt to alleviate a biomechanics issue I've been having.  I'm not certain it helped but it didn't hurt either.  My late start meant that all the distracted moms were out on the road picking up their kids from school (a time I try to avoid riding when possible).

Spring is definitely in the air and I can smell the jasmine wafting through the breeze.  This makes me smile.

The link above takes you to the Plus 3 Network.  If you're not logging your rides on Plus 3, you should be.  It's really a no-brainer.  You pick a sponsor and a beneficiary.  All of your logged activities count toward donations to the beneficiary.  It's just that easy.  I've gotten lots of friends involved over the years and we have a Velo Girls group on Plus 3.  Click and join, okay?

I love a good challenge.  I'm a bit competitive.  If the 30 Days of Biking Challenge isn't enough, I threw down a challenge to a couple of my friends.  The three of us are competing to see who gets the most "kudos" for the month on Plus 3.  A kudo is the metric that Plus 3 uses to calculate your activities.  If either of my friends tops my kudos for the month, I'll make a $100 donation to their charity of choice.  Game on, suckers!

a beautiful spring day in Los Altos

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