Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Days of Biking Day #3

Plans change.  It's a fact of life and more so, I think, when one involves others.  I was supposed to do a mellow road ride with one of my Velo Girls friends today.  She's an awesome woman who is just getting back on the bike after giving birth to two children.  Mommyhood intervened and she couldn't find a sitter so we rescheduled to next week.

So instead, I headed over to Arastradero Open Space Preserve after my YIN yoga class for an easy spin on the dirt.  My body was actually feeling very fatigued today after the past two days back on the road bike, so I brought my geared Sycip mountain bike instead of my single speed.  This was a good decision, as I got some fun dirt time and some recovery time on the bike.  I also got to test out some recent modifications I made to the bike and continue to dial everything in just right.


I rode pretty much every inch of the park.  The wildflowers are just starting to bloom -- my favorites Lupine and California Poppies.  They weren't photo-worthy today but should be in the next week or so.  I saw the coyote (on the east trails) and one awesome snake (California King, who I initially mistook for a rattle snake).  The trails were pretty empty except this one group of 10 older gentlemen (who didn't understand trail etiquette but I was charming to them just the same).  The trails were in so-so condition.  After all the rain, it appears some riders didn't pay attention to the seasonal trail closures, and there are lots of ruts.  Hopefully these wear down quickly as folks ride the dry trails.

I thought about riding a second loop but realized that would be silly.  I'm just getting back on the bike.  I've got 27 more consecutive days to ride.  And I'm feeling just a touch under the weather.  I'll save my double loop for Thursday.

California King Snake @ Arastradero

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