Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 Days of Biking Day #8

Today I led the Melo Velo.  It's a weekly beginner-friendly club ride just for women.  This ride has been one of our most popular rides since we started it in 2004.  It began as an extension of our regular Sunday club ride back in 2002 but we eventually moved to a new location (twice) and launched it as a stand-alone ride.  Thousands of women have participated in this ride over the years and for many, it's their first introduction to road cycling and group riding.  The ride is led by members of Team Velo Girls and other experienced club riders.

Today's group was awesome!  9 women joined me for our 15-mile ride on Canada Road, including Dorothy R., celebrating her birthday (which I commemorated with a tiara on her helmet).  For a number of women, this was the longest ride they'd ever done.  Everyone did GREAT and had fun.  We stopped at the Pulgas Water Temple for a little local history lesson and a photo opportunity.

I felt great today and was tempted to go longer, but reminded myself that I've still got 22 days of consecutive riding to do and tomorrow's ride of the Sea Otter Classic cross-country course will be challenging.  So instead of adding on miles, I joined some of the girls for coffee and girl-talk at the Woodside Bakery.

It's been a good week (+1).  8 days, 8 rides:  5 road, 2 dirt, 1 rollers.  3 of those were Velo Girls club rides.  Add in my daily walks with the dog and 2 YIN yoga sessions and I feel great.  15.5  hours in the saddle, 162 miles.

today's Melo Velo

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