Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 -- the year in review

every year I like to look back and reflect on my accomplishments for the year. did I meet my goals? have fun? learn something new? did I grow as a person? am I still moving forward? I'm sure you do the same thing.

2007 was a great year for me and for Velo Girls.

for 2007, I decided to take the team in an entirely new direction. This decision was successful on about 100 different levels and we continue to refine that direction in 2008.

on a personal level, I raced less than in previous years, but filled my weekends with more coaching and more clinics (and a bit more personal time with a fabulous new riding partner).

I trained differently than in past seasons, and was able to meet my weight loss goal. for the first time in many years, I felt healthy and fit again.

I had three A-level goals for 2007: win at least one CCCX mountain bike race, win Sea Otter, and win the CCCX series. I accomplished one of those goals and I'm not terribly disappointed in my progress toward the other two.

I competed in my very first triathlon (Scott Tinley's Adventures) and finished in 3rd place!

I also competed in my very first duathlon (Salmon Duathlon) and finished in 4th place!

and I competed in two triathlon relays, and finished 1st (Wildflower Olympic) and 3rd (Vineman Half Ironman).

I competed on a 2-woman team at the 24 Hours of Adrenaline and conquered my fear or night riding by finishing two night laps.

and I coached three successful Tri-Flow Women's Development Racing Programs -- including 2 wins. not bad for women racing in their very first races.

and (for you numbers geeks), I rode 430 hours (almost 6,000 miles) and climbed about 350,000 feet!

are there disappointments? none of consequence. each year that I'm able to ride my bike, support women in riding their bikes, and have some fun, is a successful year for me.

now onto 2008! yikes! I've been so busy planning the year for the club and the team that I haven't squeezed my own goals in there anywhere. I guess I have a bit more reflection to do.

to everyone who's shared in this fabulous year, thank you!


Chris said...

That is a lot of riding, Velogirl

Denise said...

You have alot to be proud of. What a terrific year.

velogirl said...

yeah, it keeps me out of trouble, Chris.

Denise, thank you very much. I'm so proud of what we do.