Wednesday, January 2, 2008

up in flames

my long Wednesday ride was derailled by an electrical fire at my house. long story short, I'm sitting here waiting for an electrician on what might be the only sunny day this week.

in the big scheme of things, missing one ride really isn't a big deal, right? I always try to express that to my clients who get a bit intense about completing every workout on every day. let's see how well I can take my own advice.


marscat said...

hope your house is okay...lucky you even thinking about a ride today.

lauren said...


hope things didn't get too messed up. happy new year!

Beth said...

yow! electrical fire is the best excuse yet. hope everything is okay.

i see on the '08 race schedule that VG is hosting a crapload of races! cool!

if i learn to turn right and left, i will definitely be there! haha!

chatterbox said...

ouch! Electrical fire no bueno. hope you caught it before it burned anything important.

velogirl said...

wall heater -- 43 year old condo and we knew there was something amiss. I guess it was time, but the bill will be HUGE! I may try to tough it out with a little electrical heater and an extra sweater. luckily, it just spit flames and there was no real damage.

Beth, we could do an all left crit for you!!!