Sunday, January 27, 2008

giving birth to an 18 year old baby

I'm sitting in the Colorado Springs airport after a whirlwind weekend at the Olympic Training Center. For two days, a group of almost 40 passionate and intelligent women coaches, racers, and educators immersed themselves in learning how to become better leaders in the cycling community.

I'll share some thoughts once I've processed everything. I picked up a couple of important take-aways and met some incredible women.

My presentation was a great success and very popular with the participants and I was so proud to be part of this incredible weekend.

My favorite quote from the weekend?

Start small and allow yourself and your programs to grow. Afterall, you don't need to give birth to an 18 year old baby.

Think about it. I bet you'll find somewhere in your life to apply that principle. Oh, and the quote was mine -- one of those spontaneous gems that just bubbles out and fits perfectly.

(photo credit to Kathie Reid from Velo News)


Sweet Cheeks said...

Did you just quote yourself?

Okay, if that's cool, I'm going to quote myself: "Velo Girls Coaching Services helped me grow ten years as a cyclist in one short weekend."

Keep it up female role model, I need somewhere to point the minds of my female students!

velogirl said...

yeah, I did. what a dork, no?

and you're an inspiration to me as well, Dawn! keep up the great work with your girls.

lauren said...

your hair looks good in that photo.

sounds like it was a neat trip.

velogirl said...

thanks, Lauren! I actually hate that photo, but it's better than the other one Kathie got. she's a reporter, not a photographer.

it was a great weekend. I'll blog about the various presentations as I've got time.

Denise said...

So, you met my buddy, Kathie? She said the conference was a success. Great to hear.

I think the pic is great, for that sized group.

velogirl said...

I love Kathie -- she's a hoot. and she didn't take the photo, but the person who did probably should've centered himself in front of the group -- doh! but yeah, for a big gaggle of girls it's okay.