Friday, January 18, 2008

Developing a Meaningful Women's Cycling Program

I'm speaking at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs next week as part of USA Cycling's Enhancing Leadership in Women's Cycling conference. The topic I was given is Developing a Meaningful Women's Cycling Program. It took a while for me to wrap my head around how to present this, but here's what I've come up with. Thanks to the lovely ladies of the Team Estrogen forum for their input. Tell me what you think!

Why Programs Specifically for Women? Gender Differences in Cycling

  • Why Women Begin Riding
  • Desire for Community
  • Need for Education
  • How Women Approach Competition
Various Business Models
  • Women’s Program within an Existing Co-ed Cycling Club
  • Women’s Cycling Club
  • Programs for Women within an Existing Coaching Organization
  • Coaching Organization focused on Women
  • Regional Organization
  • Women’s Cycling Group within a Multi-Sport Club
  • Women’s Event/Program within a Sponsor Organization (ie bike shop, health club, fitness center, corporation, local race association)
  • Don’t limit yourself to Existing Models

Developing Women Cyclists
  • Why Women Start Riding
  • How to Find Them
  • How to Recruit Them
  • How to Retain Them
Developing Women Racers
  • Just What is Development Anyways?
  • Competitive Athletes from other Disciplines
  • Recreational Riders
  • Demographic of “Typical” New Woman Racer
Retaining Women Racers
  • Life gets in the Way
  • Keeping Women Engaged
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Providing Opportunities
  • Dealing with Failure
  • Managing Success
Does One Size Fit All?
  • Juniors
  • Masters
  • Elites
  • Recreational Riders
  • Multi-Sport Athletes
Ideas for Success
  • Making the Sport Accessible to Women
  • Community
  • Mentorship
  • Skills Education
  • Health & Fitness Education
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership & Structure
  • Group Dynamics
  • A Good Fit with the Community
  • Variety of Opportunities
  • Measuring Success

Challenges of a Gender-Based Organization
  • Geography
  • Working with Women
  • Reaction of the Other Gender
  • Competition
  • Other Cycling Organizations
  • Other Women’s Organizations
  • Overcoming Stereotypes
How to Overcome the Challenges of Being a Woman Leader in a Man’s World
  • Know your Mission
  • Find a Mentor and Build your Network
  • Gain Credibility
  • Develop Trust
  • Become Part of the Old Boys Network
  • Be Patient
  • Grow a Tough Skin
Ready, Set, Lead! Where do we go from Here?


MoJito said...

This looks like a really comprehensive and well thought out outline, Lorri. Bummer I won't be able to head down to LA to hear you speak-- I wonder if we can get to present something similiar through the BAWC up here in SF??

velogirl said...

Hey, Mo! I think we're pretty fortunate here in that we've got some pretty awesome women's programs -- of all varieties. I think we've also got some fabulous communication between leaders of these organizations. I'd have to wonder if there's really a need for a program like this here.

Anonymous said...

you go girl! looks good!

velogirl said...

Thanks, Flandria! Did you have a great holiday weekend?

Anonymous said...

yes I did! thanks for asking :-)

TreBone said...

Hope your week is going well! It's great to see the way you support women's cycling. Keep up the great work!!!

velogirl said...

thanks, Trebone! I'm lacking in bloggins this week. I've got a bum kidney and it's sapping my lifeblood. ouch!

Alicia said...

um, that's pretty dang all inclusive - way to go!

velogirl said...

thanks, Alicia! hopefully I'll have a little caffeine and be able to cover everything in 90 minutes!