Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life's Lessons Learned Bicycling

I know some very wise women. I think the sport of cycling naturally attracts intelligent women, and many of them are filled with wisdom as well as "smarts."

Several years ago, as I was struggling with my health and the death of my mother, one of these wise women gave me the following poem, printed on a yellowed and tattered piece of paper. This poem had obviously been shared and contemplated for many years. I eventually scanned and printed, framed, and hung these words on my wall of shame, along with my certificates and awards. If you've been to my office for a bike fit, you've probably noticed this poem without realizing the significance of it's history.

These little tidbits of wisdom have helped me through many a tough day and helped me to put life back into perspective when I thought it was spinning out of control. So I'm sharing them with you, with the hopes that they'll someday help you put life back into perspective, too.

So thank you to that wise woman and all the other wise women who've crossed my path.


Relax and breathe deeply.

People may pass you on their journeys -- smile at them and wish them well; we all travel at our own pace.

Shift gears often. When the pedaling gets hard, make it easier. Don't fight or force it. Adjust to the road and the journey. You're in it for the long haul.

Sometimes you have to pull off the road to refasten your helmet.

You can stand on the pedals and give it your all, but sometimes you have to stop pedaling and coast.

Sometimes the wind is with you; other times it is against you. When it is against you, keep your head down and stay low!


TreBone said...

Great poem! Thank you for sharing it us.

lauren said...

that's a good one. and so true too.

yellowbug said...

i like that