Tuesday, January 1, 2008

60 million fatties

on the biggest loser tonight, host, Ali Sweeney, reported that over 32% of Americans are overweight. a third of us! I also recall hearing at one point that 30% of us will suffer from cancer at some point in our lives. there has to be some correlation between what we put in our mouths, our lack of physical activities, and our bodies' inability to purge cancerous cells.

as bike racers, we're hyper-sensitive about our weight. what is fit and healthy to the general population is considered FAT to a bike racer. our success is related on so many levels to our thinness and our ability to climb hills.

I relate to the folks on The Biggest Loser. when the show first come out, I was struggling with a significant weight gain due to my thyroid issues. knowing my own struggle, I've always been moved by the folks who can't walk a mile, can't fit into a normal-sized chair, can't be fit, because they are dying of obesity. to look at them, you know their bodies aren't normal. and they work hard and struggle and then lose the weight.

I somehow gained some of my weight back late summer/fall. I'm not sure what happened, but I've had a heck of a time dropping pounds again. my body (and my mind) are unhappy. I've resolved to be more disciplined, cut out the excess calories, move my body everyday, and regain my healthy weight.


Chris said...

You will drop the weight again because you seem damned determined. I struggle with weight too and losing it sucks. :(

velogirl said...

thanks, Chris! I know that weight is dynamic and that I'm actually healthy right now. when I'm at my "fighting" weight I'm pretty unhealthy. and you know, with a little extra weight, my boobs are HUGE!

Cathy L. said...

I hear ya! I am only down 2 pounds over the past 12 months. Not enough! Time to tighten it up.

velogirl said...

Cathy, you could turn that around and say that you're down 2 pounds this year -- that's a good thing!

I've kept an online food & activity journal since 2001 (wow, that's a long time). I just looked back at my weight and I weighed exactly the same last year at this time as I do now. Unfortunately, that's still heavier than I was later in the year, so I've got some work to do.