Monday, January 7, 2008

make meaningful resolutions

many folks hire me to change their lives. seriously! sometimes folks are realistic about their goals, expectations, and timeline. and sometimes they're not. whether you're an elite racer, an age-grouper, or a recreational rider, it's important to remember that positive change takes time. change also requires lifestyle modification for most of us. afterall, you didn't become an overweight, beer-drinking, cheetos-eating couch potato overnight and you can't reverse years of bad living in a month or two.

so here are some simple ideas you can implement today that will make long-lasting change in your life. pick one, commit to it for the next month, check it off your list everyday, and just wait to see the positive result on your life!

eat a salad everyday! salads are great because they fill you up but contain very few calories. of course, don't pile on a cup of fatty dressing!

replace one cup of coffee with a glass of water each day.

for any trip under two miles, try to walk or ride your bike instead of driving -- good for you and good for the environment, too!

commit to at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least five days a week.

replace a sugary snack with a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

eat breakfast every morning.

replace your sugar-laden breakfast cereal with a whole grain alternative. add some fruit for a bonus!

take a 10-minute mid-day walk or stretch. clear your mind and re-focus your body.

limit yourself to 4 ounces of lean protein a day. chicken, turkey, pork, and fish are great choices!

spend 10 minutes each morning in meditation: clearing your mind, planning your day, and centering your energy.

Happy New Year!


Chris said...

It really is a reality check when you decide to make a change and see how long it takes to do so. Then you swear up and down that you will never let it happen again. Over and over and over.

chatterbox said...

OK, I pretty much do all the stuff on the list as part of the normal course of life. But, my mid-afternoon walk is a walk down 8 flights of stairs to the coffee bar and a walk 8 flights back up with the added resistance of a nonfat latte in hand :)

chatterbox said...

Oh, but I forgot to say that I have water after the coffee. Is both-and as good as replacing?

velogirl said...

so true, Chris. and patience isn't a virtue many possess. I get frustrated with those who are looking for the quick fix -- diet pills, supplements, crazy diets, etc. the reality is that lasting health and fitness are most impacted by lifestyle changes, but you have to be patient.

Chatty, you're an unusual suspect (I mean subject). but I bet if you really examined your own life you could find one or two things you could change which would have a long-term positive impact.

chatterbox said...

I know I'm a weirdo. Actually, my version of the last item on the list needs to be done more regularly. Probably only get to it about 3 times per week. And, one of my goals is to read more this year.

Oh, and I need to keep trying at things I want to throw in the towel on. Like today, I tried 4 times to get started on the rollers (new saddle on bike made the balance slightly different). I was about ready to quit and go to the trainer when I finally got in the rhythm the 5th time. Hooray!

lauren said...

those are good resolutions.

swimming in the rain, that's one of mine.

swimming in the rain is turning out to be so much easier then riding in the rain.

velogirl said...

Lauren! last season I told myself if it rained and I was scheduled to ride I would swim. I didn't do it once. I'm actually going to start riding my computrainer this season. what the heck, right?